Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shortcut for gmail in your mobile device

What shortcuts are available in Gmail?

Gmail Shortcuts
i – Inbox
/ - Search Mail
c – Compose Email
k – Newer conversation
j – Older conversation
+I – Mark as read
+u – Mark as unread
#,d,delete – Delete
s – Toggle Star
y – Remove from current view
e – Archive
m – Mute Conversation
! – Report Spam
z – Undo
+j – Next account
+k – Previous account

While viewing a list of conversations
o – Open
t – First Conversation
b – Last Conversation

While viewing a conversation
n – Next message
p – Previous message
o – collapse/expand message
r – reply
a,? – replay to all
f, . – Forward
t – First Message
b – Last message
u, backspace – back

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