Friday, January 25, 2013

Solved Sony Xperia Tipo (Dual Sim Phone) Screen touch problem? Also work with sony xperia J

One my friend bought sony xperia tipo dual sim phone a month ago but he facing touch problem in it ! he cant even type a message ! he just tought i wasted my money ! why i purchased this phone ! then he consult me the problem.
                                             after many google search i just found a  solution the problem ! you no need to do so many hard work to solve this problem ! just download one little file in your computer and save this file in phone! then install it ! then your phone show a message about calibration of touch !
here is the process:

  • Download this .zip file in your computer   click here                                                                              file name is ST21i  only dowload this file it may require login !

  • Now extract this file in computer
  • connect the tipo to computer
  • now go in tool folder and copy the TouchFWToolsAP_Sony-Ericsson-JDM-Platform-Signing-Live-54f9-3.apk file in to the phone (tipo)
  • now diconnect the phone from computer.
  • Now first check the box allow third party apps install.
  • open the play store in phone and search easy installer application and insatll it in your phone.
  • now open easy installer in your phone it will scan all your file that can be install in your phone 
  • put your phone on flat table or floor.
  • Now easy installer application show the file TouchFWTools tap there and install it.
  • now your phone show calibration screen then press yes after few second your phone will show screen calibration successfully !
  • this file also working with Sony xperia J

ohk you have done ! your tipo will run screen smoothly ! 

tested by me ! 

comment if you facing problem !

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  1. thank u soooooooo much..........
    u hav saved my 10000 rs...............
    i was very much worried... bt i'm soooooo happpppyyyyyy noww............
    thanks again.................!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) :o

  2. this is miracle n magic....thank you so much.....seriouly thank you!from bottom of my heart

  3. this works. please calibrate it before u face touch problem

  4. How the hell can I get into my phone settings when the screen is locked eh???

  5. I caliberated and still no change.. I went to sony service centre and they too tried the caliberation.. But in vain.. What do I do now..???

  6. I have a touchscreen problem in which I cant do anything whatsoever on the screen. In the steps above it states to go onto the Google store using the phone and install the programme but obviously I cant as my touchscreen wont allow me to do so!? Has anybody had this problem regarding the touchscreen to completely not work?

  7. does not work in my sony xperia NeoL :-( :((

  8. dear dadhy young every phone have different apk file

  9. thnxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx sirrrrrrrrrrr

  10. Does not work on my xperia tipo.

  11. I've similar issue in Sony Ericsson Live with walkman. android version 2.3. Want to know whether this app compatible with my mobile.

  12. it worked once on my tipo but i am facing similar problem again and it is not working this time

  13. How come The Sony Company is not aware of its products.Yes!I did search for a calibration method like every phone has.................... .
    ThankYou so very much for the apk information............. .Now I don't have to argue with the retailer to get a new phone instead. :)

  14. its not working for my mobile :((

  15. Still not work for me... My phone has double touching problem now

  16. Is there a way to install the app via pc? Because the bottom of my screen is not working and I can't install it

  17. did not work...please help :-( :((

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  19. still it is not working i have to switch of and on my phone ?


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