Saturday, February 2, 2013

Download Windows 8 RTM free for 1 year !

Windows 8 launched wordwide on 26 oct. 2012 ! But now I think most of people used windows 8 ! I had review about windows 8 and its quite cool ! I love windows 8 very much ! and I am still using windows 8 RTM trial version.Becuase everybody want to use windows 8 as trial before purchase.I found many tools that activate windows 8 ! but I am not quite satisfied with that software.No body want to install there windows again and again.because its hard to install every software again.It will be magic if you can extend your windows 8 trial period and your all setup and software you installed on computer will as it is. 

Here is the process:

Download Windows 8 Enterprise Evaluation -32 Bit || 64 Bit DVD ISO

After downlaod intall setup in your machine.

After completely install windows you will see message on screen of 90 Days trial.

Now You can extend  windows 8 trial period to more 90 days.
But be careful use this command only on 89 days of period.

Open cmd (Windows+R) and type:

To see the current license information of Windows 8, type the following command:
slmgr /dli

To see the detailed information of the current license type, type the following command:
slmgr /dlv

To see the expiration date of the current license, type the following command:
slmgr /xpr

To extend the current license grace period again and rearm Windows, type the following command:
slmgr /rearm

you can use this command 3 times on 89 day of period. you can't use this code before 89 days.

so enjoy your windows 8 trial more days.

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Friday, February 1, 2013

How to use facebook without mouse?

Shortcut keys can helps to do any certain work easily in Computer. Shortcut keys are vary from different manufacturers. Every one knows Facebook it is large social network site in World wide. If you are a Facebook user you can use some facebook features without help of your mouse through your keyboard shortcut keys. Facebook shortcut keys differents between browsers. Here the tables to explain facebook shortcut keys for major browsers Chrom, Firefox, IE

So friends lets enjoy if you are using favebook and stuck with your mouse not working .its simply working same like mobile use !

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

How to remove autorun.inf virus from your pan drive ?

There is a much simple way to remove the Autorun.inf file. Genreally when you refresh the windows explorer view a bounded virus process recreates this file. This file is attached to many events of windows explorer including OPEN, REFRESH, etc. Simple stept to remove the virus activation: 
You must close opened explorer windows. 

1. open up a command prompt (i.e. cmd.exe) >> to load it go to Run, type cmd, enter.
2. Now to remove virus's attributes (in order to delete it type following line by line and execute them pressing enter. 
F:\attrib -s -r -h *.* If there are any malicious EXE files those are now visible so if unnecessary delete them too. 
F:\del autorun.inf 

3. After finishing above, quickly remove the pen as soon as posible (just after executing del command). 
4. Now your pen is without virus activation config. file. Now you can safely delete unnecessary EXE files on it.
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Friday, January 25, 2013

Solved Sony Xperia Tipo (Dual Sim Phone) Screen touch problem? Also work with sony xperia J

One my friend bought sony xperia tipo dual sim phone a month ago but he facing touch problem in it ! he cant even type a message ! he just tought i wasted my money ! why i purchased this phone ! then he consult me the problem.
                                             after many google search i just found a  solution the problem ! you no need to do so many hard work to solve this problem ! just download one little file in your computer and save this file in phone! then install it ! then your phone show a message about calibration of touch !
here is the process:

  • Download this .zip file in your computer   click here                                                                              file name is ST21i  only dowload this file it may require login !

  • Now extract this file in computer
  • connect the tipo to computer
  • now go in tool folder and copy the TouchFWToolsAP_Sony-Ericsson-JDM-Platform-Signing-Live-54f9-3.apk file in to the phone (tipo)
  • now diconnect the phone from computer.
  • Now first check the box allow third party apps install.
  • open the play store in phone and search easy installer application and insatll it in your phone.
  • now open easy installer in your phone it will scan all your file that can be install in your phone 
  • put your phone on flat table or floor.
  • Now easy installer application show the file TouchFWTools tap there and install it.
  • now your phone show calibration screen then press yes after few second your phone will show screen calibration successfully !
  • this file also working with Sony xperia J

ohk you have done ! your tipo will run screen smoothly ! 

tested by me ! 

comment if you facing problem !

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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Now Facebook also use + button to use add people in comments and status following Google + !
so now no need to use @ button in Facebook !  

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Share your Email attachment on Google +

Now you can share Gmail  attachment on Google +

You can add people while sharing the gmail attachment using + button and you can send email that attachment to evry people you added.

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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Fix Outlook 2010 Problem: PST File Repair Tool

If Outlook 2010 is crashing, you could try running in Safe Mode and determine what is causing the problem. If you can’t find a problem, then there is a high chance it could be due to corrupt PST file. So how do we fix it? There are two methods, either use an official tool or a 3rd party tool.

Outlook Inbox Repair Tool (SCANPST.Exe)

It is an official repair tool that is included in Office 2010 by default and was included in Office 2007 as well. But what surprised us was that it couldn’t be found inside the Microsoft Office 2010 Tools folder, did Microsoft forget to include the most important tool in this folder? See screenshot below.
Inbox repair tool missing
You will have to navigate all the way to C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14 folder and search for SCANPST.EXE file.
scanpst.exe office 2010
Double-click this file to open Microsoft Outlook Inbox Repair Tool. Now hit Browse and locate your PST file. It is located at:
Outlook Inbox Repair Tool
Once done, hit Start and it will begin checking for errors. When the process is complete, hit the Repair button. Make sure a backup option is checked to remain on the safe side.
Outlook Inbox Repair PST

Stellar Outlook PST Repair Tool

I would always recommend going for the official tool, but if it fails to fix the PST file then you can giveStellar Outlook PST Repair a try. Select ‘Repair PST File’ from the main window, select the PST file(it has a build-in tool that can search for PST file), and choose the output destination.
So why is the output destination needed? It will first scan your corrupt PST file and then recover everything into a new usable PST file.
Stellar Phoenix Outlook PST Repair
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